take adventure further on a honda

True adventure never stops, and with a Honda adventure bike there's something for every adventure rider to get excited about. Be it adventures on tarmac, or full blown trails. However you explore our great country, each rider has different requirements and Honda's got a range to satisfy the adventure bug in everyone. Join Broxy as he explores the range below and choose your adventure. 

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Africa twin

 The pinnacle of the Honda adventure range, the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure sports offer premium sports adventure and touring options based on the 1084cc Twin Engine platform that delivers stacks of power and torque in a lighter package than the 1000cc previous model.  All with a range of Honda smart tech to deliver on and off road. 

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The newest adventure bike in Honda's line up is a rebirth of an icon. With a 755cc Twin platform delivering the goods on and off road, with a great blend of power, balance and comfort. It's a mid sized adventure bike that can do it all.  The Transalp also offers a great range of genuine accessories to customise your ride. Whether it be for off-road outings or tarmac touring. 

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CRF300 Rally

Lightweight, off-road inspired, no frills adventure starts here. If you are keen to do trails with some road riding between or need an adventure bike that can handle the commute around town daily and also throw down on the trails then you need to consider the CRF300 Rally. LAMS approved and Dakar inspired the CRF300 Rally is ideal for a new rider or more experienced riders looking for a lightweight adventure option. 

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New to riding but want to start your Adventure journey? or an experienced rider looking to downsize? The CB500X offers the chance to dip your toe into adventure in a proven LAMS approved package. Perfect for gravel roads while also being a comfortable and capable commuter, the CB500X is the ideal start or downsize from a bigger bike. 

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The NC750X is the bike that disrupts the touring segment. With it's unique design offering storage where the fuel tank usually would be. it allows you to ditch the panniers and head away on overnight trips easily. It also offers capable gravel road riding so you enjoy a bit of slip and slide too!  

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